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Eploding Toilet Seat
Scare the crap out of your friends wth this exploding bathroom gag. Colors & packaging may va..
Exploding Lipstick
Want to give your girlfriend a good scare & yourself a good laugh? Exploding lipstick is the ..
Extendable Spoon
Use this extendable spoon to reach for ice cream withpout your friends ever even seeing you do it! ..
Fake Beer
Fool your friends with Fake Beer. It looks like real beer, but tastes like dishwasher!  ..
Fake Chewed Gum
Fake Chewed Gum with adhesive back. Stick it anywhere and it looks real!  CHOKING HAZAR..
Fake Eggs
Get a laugh out of your family by replacing a couple eggs from the fridge with these fun Fake E..
Fart Bags
Want to gross out a group of friends or just a room full of unknowing, innocent bystanders... t..
Finger Chopper
The Steel blade magically penetrates thru without harm! An impossible penetration!  ..
Gelling Joke
Instant secret formula Gelling joke! Instantly transform someones beverage into totally non edible s..
Insect Ice
Gross out your friends with these oh so disgusting fake bug ice cubes! Put in any drink to frea..
Itching powder
Prank your friends with this itching powder by sprinkling it on their clothing, shoes, hats or beddi..
Joke Fried Egg
Made to look real Joke Fried Egg. Fool your friends AND parents, LEAVE an egg on the floor and give ..
Jumping Candy
Startle your friends with these jumping candies! Color & packaging may vary. Not recommend..
Magic Ball & Vase
The ball magically penetrates thru the bottom of the vase! Then it jumps from your pocket back to..
Magic Coin Case
Coins will appear, disappear amd change in this magic coin case  ..