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Bagel Surprise
Want to really disgust your friends? Startle them with this leaping cochroach toy!!!!!! Color &am..
Bang Cigarettes
Trying to trick a friend? Next time they go for a cigarette out of your pack, give them a good su..
Bar Bug
Put a yucky bug in your friends drink, trick them into beliveing its the real thing!  CHOKIN..
Blood Capsules
Just place one of these capsules in your mouth. When bitten streams of blood ooze from your mouth. F..
Bomb Bags
Exploding bomb bags explode with a loud bang! Scare a room full of people, toss just about anyw..
Burst Soap
Scare all your friends with this exploding, bursting soap!! Colors & packaging may vary. N..
Caps for Gags
These caps are for use in many exploding or bang gags and toys. Colros & packaging may vary.&..
Car Exhaust Whistle
Bend the exhaust-pipe pipe to the size of the exhaust-pipe and insert it carefully into the exhaust...
Chinese Finger Trap
Baffle your friends with this funny puzzle! It's easy to get out.. When you know how!! ..
Creepy Flies
Drive your friends and family crazy with these realistic flies! As soon as they think they have..
Disappearing Dagger
Scare your friends and family with this disappearing dagger! What appears to be a sharp knife, is ac..
Dog Dirt
Fool your family and friends with this fake Dog Dirt. Looks like real dog poop, in reality its rubbe..
Doggie Doo
Trick your friends and family into believing the dog took a poop on the rug! In reality its a Doggie..
Double Trouble Mice
Scare your loved ones with this pair of mice! Colors & packaging may vary! Not recommended..
Dribble Glass
This drinking glass has small tiny holes that cause it to spill! Whoever you trick will be c..