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Coil Pot Oil Rig
This beautiful oil rig stands alone as a uniquely vibrant piece. The yellows, oranges, and reds..
Custom Wig Wag Oil Rig
This is a serious one of a kind piece. You won't see something like this custom oil rig anywhere els..
Dachshund Oil Rig
This dope dachshund is ready to join you in your dab adventure. He features a custom dab tool topped..
Dachshund with Baseball Bat
This dachshund is ready to join you in all your dabbing adventures. He features a custom b..
Daisy Doodle Pipe
Simple daisies accent this beautiful viney green glass pipe. Handmade with love, its the perfect gif..
Errlgator with Fishing Net
A creation from the Errlgator Line. Comes with a removable fishing net dab tool and featur..
Errlgator with Whiskey Jug
Another feature in Kevin Whittaker's Errlgator collection, this one of a kind oil rig has some ..
Large Dreaded Man Glass Pendant
Glass pendants are so in right now! We are here to help you stay as up to date as possible with..
Monkey with Banana Rig
Monkey see, monkey do! This monkey is ready for some dabs! Featuring a handmade banana and a 10 mm m..
Punk Rock Long Boarder
One totally rad piece. Punk'd to the max this cool dude comes with a custom made longboard to help s..
Ray Gun Oil Rig
This is one radical ray gun. Hands down, don't doubt it. Featuring a 14 mm male joint with a gl..
Red Bullhead Pendant
We all have that friend who always has the COOLEST pendants. This handmade bullhead pendant wou..
Sandblasted Seashell Pipe
Have your aquatic and smoking fantasies come together in this amazing handmade Seashell pi..
Sea Life Oil Rig
Taking from a piece of his home, artist, Kevin Whittaker captured the beauty of ocean life in this b..
Small Dreaded Man Handmade Pendant
Handmade pendants are always in season! Delight your friend or yourself with this unique one of a ki..